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Strawberry-Rosehip Soup

Strawberry-Rosehip Soup

Growing up in a half-truly Swedish family, I have a LOT of food memories involving fruit soups. In Sweden, you can buy cartons of berry and fruit soups, which I always ate with a good pour-over of cream or milk that hugged the thick edges of the thickened, slightly sweet mixture. But my favorite, and [...]

VeganMoFoV [2]: Kale Salads for All!

VeganMoFoV [2]: Kale Salads for All!

While my camera continues to be out on loan, I am relying on old posts to continue the MoFo spirit…I just can’t let myself post without a picture, it seems. It’s no secret that I’m a fan of kale, if you’ve been reading this blog or eaten with me on a semi-regular basis.  And while [...]

Summery Recap

Summery Recap

It seems I’ve been pretty burnt out on blogging lately.  If you couldn’t tell. I’ve had a pretty busy summer of trips, visits, work, events, and food swapping.  What’s food swapping you might ask?  Well, I am part of a trio of local ladies heading up the MPLS Food Swappers (hey!  We even have a [...]

Pancakes, Dinners, and Sesame Chocolate Pudding

Pancakes, Dinners, and Sesame Chocolate Pudding

I must be still in recovery mode from the past six months (the stress months, that is), because I haven’t structured my time to include blogging…as you may have noticed.  I’ve been either busy or unmotivated or hating my photos a lot lately, which I think will change if I actually just start taking pictures [...]

Sweden via Food

Sweden via Food

I’ve been back from Sweden for almost a week, and it was AMAZING.  I probably wouldn’t have left if I didn’t have some sweet kitties and a lovely lady waiting back home in Minnesota. Where do I start?  As this is a food blog I’m trying to stick with (mostly) food pictures, but if you [...]

San Diego Eats Roundup

I’ve got to get this up ASAP or it’ll keep me from posting other things that I’m planning on.  I just got back last night from six days in San Diego, where I (mostly) grew up.  It was lots of fun, but at the same time, I am SO happy to be back home.  My [...]

Zine Giveaway Winners!

I used random.org to generate the giveaway winners, and out of 82 total comments I want to congratulate #5 – Sophia and #68 – Heather (be well and take care)!  [Look for an email from me to facilitate delivery information] Sophia said: Hurrah for presents! Fresh Strawberries from the Edinburgh Farmer’s Market. I wait all [...]

A Long Overdue Giveaway… For Two!

While plowing through my blogroll over the past week or two, I was suddenly struck with the realization that I am a Big Blogger Idiot.  Somehow I never put two and two together, peddling my wee wares over here and coming across all sorts of food blog giveaways for products and cookbooks and toys over [...]

Recent Eats via the Farmer's Market

I’ve been going to the farmer’s market and getting so excited by produce that I tend to overbuy and have too much of something.  Well, more than I need for a recipe or two sometimes.  Like garlic scapes.  My herbs are also growing almost out of control outside, so I thought I should bring the [...]

Fruited Cabbage Kale Salad with Tahini-Garlic Dressing

I’m not huge on holidays, and rather less huge on themed food for holidays (apart from Thanksgiving and the baking and beverages surrounding that one consumer holiday in December).  Since we got our grill, however – because we have a space to have one now – I’m not opposed to an excuse for using it [...]

Lower-Fat Rama Spinach Curry with Tofu

I really like Thai curries, and I’ve always been a sucker for anything involving coconut milk and peanuts.  But being vegan and eating Thai food means a lot of questions about fish sauce and eggs, and sometimes disturbingly not knowing whether you’re truly getting something without any offending ingredients.  (At least in my experience, I’ve [...]

Friday's Delicious, Tomorrow's Chicago*

*Not that Chicago isn’t also delicious… You really can’t convince me that pesto needs cheese in it… for me it’s all about the nuts and the basil and the little bit of garlic.  Yum!  I spiralized some zucchini noodles and tossed them with a few tablespoons of raw lemon basil pesto, then squeezed some fresh [...]

Raw Week: Transitioning

Sorry for the lack of blogging the past couple days… on one hand I needed a break to work on some other projects, and on the other I didn’t really have anything blog-worthy to share.  Honestly, after Thursday’s feast at Ecopolitan, I started eating very simply for the most part.  A lot of straight up [...]

Raw Week: Noodles and Dining Out

Quick post tonight – I’m beat!  In addition to eating and preparing raw food when I’m not working, I’m photographing a friend’s knit/crochet crafts for her etsy site.  It’s good fun, but lots of work! Had a giant green smoothie for breakfast.  When I got home, I made a Pad Thai-style noodle dish except I [...]

More Test Recipes and Fun with Adzuki Beans

A lot of people have been posting their happy spring pictures, but things get started a little bit later up here in Minnesota.  I noticed buds on the trees and new grass about a week ago, and above you see the start of some herbs for a container garden I’m planning to tend this year.  [...]

If ever there was a reason to own a dehydrator…

…this would be it: Heck yes that pizza is raw!  It’s also filling and delicous!  Not impressed by vegan cheese and trying to stop eating wheat means pizza isn’t much of an option for me right now.  I’ve tried raw pizza before at Ecopolitan, but I was truly inpsired by Mandee’s raw pizza post to [...]

A Small Swell Update

I’ve been experimenting with more raw foods, particularly since getting a copy of RAW: The UNcook Book by Juliano.  He’s kind of a kook!  But a lot of the recipes are really intriguing, and for some reason the bread recipes seem so much more approachable than in other raw books.  That could just be my [...]

A Whole Lotta Raw

You wouldn’t believe it was -2F this morning and we might be getting 4 inches of snow tomorrow, would you?  I can’t hardly believe it either, which is apparently why I’m pretending it’s summer with colorful food! For some reason, eating (mostly) raw is really easy and exciting for me this time around.  Which is [...]

Dagens Rätt: Vege-Köttbullar

I finally worked out a new recipe for Swedish Meatballs that’s soy-free and can be made gluten-free as well by subbing gluten-free breadcrumbs.  Plus, it’s chock-full of different protein sources and ripe for variation to Italian-style or other versions. There’s quite a few sub-steps, I admit, but they can be done at the same time [...]

Blogging, Health and That Darn Zine

So it’s been a while, compared to my earlier gusto this month.  Today I’m sitting inside after calling into work because I went through a procedure that’s made me extremely sun-sensitive and embarrassingly and painfully inflamed.  I don’t often talk about myself on my blog this personally, but as someone who struggles between trying to [...]

Vegan Iron Chef Challenge: Pears and Nuts

I didn’t know about this Vegan Iron Chef challenge until very recently, too late to submit anything for the first challenge (apples and ginger).  With the huge amounts of VeganMoFo posts in my Google Reader, it must have gotten lost in there.  And I’m cutting it very very close with this challenge deadline anyway, as [...]

In which I try to have a Raw Wednesday…

This is not the best day of the week for me to do raw.  On Wednesdays I bake cookies and quick breads for 8 hours at work and having that stare me in the face, well… I can’t resist snacking on that little scraping of vegan tollhouse dough from the bottom of the mixing bowl.  [...]

Potlucks and Pomegranates

Our potluck didn’t do well, as there were only two of us.  But whatever; it was a beautiful day in Loring Park and we got to gorge on our delicious offerings!  Going with the fall theme, I made the Paradise Casserole from the Candle Cafe Cookbook (it was simple but yummy) and topped it with [...]

raw wrapup

sorry for the delay on posting this, and also for the lack of pictures.  for my last day, i ate fresh fruits and veggies and had dinner at ecopolitan with my best friend (sadly, forgetting my camera).  then pride weekend started, so things got incredibly busy with events and people despite the fact that my [...]