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I’ve been up to things. – swell

I’ve been up to things.

Dandy Blend Mocha Shake
Dumping Rice
Muffins and Scones
Teff Pancakes
Brunch Plate

After a good, long break and a few discussions, I decided I wasn’t ready to abandon this blog after all. I want to work on some changes, that’s for sure, but mostly this is a good outlet for me in a way that not having a blog isn’t.

For one, it’s a great way to document little-big events I’ve been part of. Like this (vegan) brunch fundraiser I did yesterday. We made so much food! Savory Tomato-Rosemary Scones (from Vegan Brunch), blueberry muffins, carrot-pecan-coconut-pear muffins, curried and Italian-spiced tofu scrambles, roasted root veggies, coconut milk teff pancakes (based on a this recipe, only subbing coconut milk for the juice and adding a bit of agave), straight-up vegan pancakes, Costa Rican-style beans and rice with Red Chili Sauce and Roasted Tomatillo Salsa (all from Viva Vegan!). And coffee, tea and mimosas of course!

I like to make food that I like to eat, but I realize I have some pretty different taste buds from years of not eating a lot of animal products and getting into more wholesome foods, so it’s pretty awesome to get compliments from a big group of people who aren’t vegan. So much so that I’m plotting a little recurring food event project that I’ll be sure to document as it happens.

And when I’m not cooking for a bunch of people? Mostly I’m making smoothies, revisiting my cookbook and e-book collection for new ideas and flavors, and replacing coffee with Dandy Blend. It’s so great, because you can make instant hot or cold “coffee” and use it to make delightful shakes. I don’t think you’re going to fool anyone into thinking it’s “real” coffee, but it has a satisfying boldness that is stronger than tea and it doesn’t give me stomachaches and headaches like coffee has been doing lately. I have the most gigantic bag of it; it should last me a good while.

While I’ve got some revamping ideas and some other things in mind, I definitely would love some input from any readers about what kind of content you’d like to see here. As much as this is for my whims and interests, I know I wouldn’t write it without an audience in mind. So requests, recommendations, and ideas are welcome. Leave a comment. Send an email. I’m totally into it.

19 Responses to “I’ve been up to things.”

  1. Greta says:

    Åh, ja, vad du är bra! Jag tänker också ibland att jag inte älskar att blogga tillräckligt mycket, men sen inser jag att jag vill vara utan det. Jag har saknat dig!

    • A-K says:

      Tack så hemskt mycket, Greta! Jag kommenterar inte ofta på din blogg, men jag blir så glad när den kommer upp på min Reader. Yay Sverige! ;-)

  2. Fanny says:

    Oj, är du svensk? Har läst din blogg länge men det visste jag inte.. Men oj vad gott allt ser ut däruppe, önskar att jag fick äta en brunch som den, inte undra på att du fick beröm.

    • A-K says:

      Hej Fanny! Jo, jag jag är svensk, men har växt upp i USA. Därför är min svenska lite dåligt (men jag försöker!). Kul att veta om en annan svensk bloggare!

  3. we are such fans of dandy blend! It’s even better than coffee in my opinion. And that brunch plate is so cute! Whats on it?

    • A-K says:

      Dandy Blend is totally better than coffee! I love it tremendously. The brunch plate is a smattering of everything I made for the brunch, as listed. Tasty times :-)

  4. Christine says:

    What a pleasant surprise to see and hear more from you! That brunch looks delicious.

  5. meg says:

    I am so very happy that you are keeping the blog. Your photography is beautiful and your recipes I have tried have been delicious. :) Looking forward to checking in!

  6. Beth says:

    I usually never comment on blogs, but I HAD to just tell you how much this made my day! I’m so glad you’re sticking around. I always loved your blog, even if the posts were infrequent- it kind of made them more special.

    • A-K says:

      Thanks Beth! That’s super sweet of you to say…I will definitely keep it in mind when I’m feeling like I haven’t blogged for awhile.

  7. Heidi says:

    Yay! I totally love all the foodie stuff. I’d like to see some of your everyday life, too . . . I know you are a very multi-faceted, multi-talented, on-the-go gal!

    • A-K says:

      Heidi, one of my thoughts was to include more of that. Still food-focused, but a little simpler stuff sometimes. I know you check up on me here ;)

  8. Mihl says:

    I ma so glad you decided nit to give up the blog! I like your style of cooking so much and your pictures are always gorgeous!

    What you wrote about your tastebuds – I experience the same thing, and I think it is great. That is a big chance for vegan cuisine and that’s the really interesting thing about vegan cooking. So keep doing what you are doing.

    • A-K says:

      Mihl – that means so much coming from you. You are one of my favorite bloggers and photographers! I hope more people will be into vegan food as full of tastiness and wonder, because it can be so amazing.

  9. Jes says:

    Oh hooray, you’re back! :) I was really saddened to have reloaded your blog into my reader (god knows why it popped out, but sometimes that happens) and then have you sign off. I love reading your take on food & seeing it’s beauty through your lens!

    As for the fundraiser, I’d totally give money to whoever it was supporting. The scones look killer! And I’m with you–it’s always good to hear that the food is good from other people.

    Glad you’re back!

  10. Mandee says:

    Just here to say YAY!

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