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Fruits and Veggies in Winter – swell

Fruits and Veggies in Winter

Mango-Goji-Lime Smoothie
Spicy Radish Slaw
Quinoa with Broccolini and Maple Mustard Dressing
Big Salad with Avocado
Apple-Nut Porridge with Figs and Goji Berries

I really dig fruits and veggies, as my love for raw foods attests to. But although I do have many examples of raw foods in this post, I don’t think eating them that way is the best idea for a typical Minnesota or northern climate winter. (Our winter has been almost anything but, though, so it feels better eating more than I might.) I have also of late partaken in mashed cauliflower, sauteed or steamed greens (like the quinoa and broccolini pictured), and veggie-ful soups.

When it’s cold and I need some comfort food, it’s easy for me to reach for toast with nut butter or other breadlike things. This year I’m making a concerted effort to remember that even though the selection is more limited during colder months, I still have to eat my more colorful choices from the food world. I’ve been trying to stick with smoothies more often than not, including Ani Phyo’s Goji Berry-Lime Smoothie from her Raw Food Essentials book. In the winter I tend to add more fats to my smoothies, like avocado, coconut oil or chia seeds. This helps make them more filling and keep me hydrated from the inside out, which is important for me when the air is very dry.

While I still eat a lot of regular green salads, I’ve also been trying to keep things interesting by making different kinds of veggie salads, like Spicy Radish Slaw, which will be in the next zine. It’s a simple slaw of shredded radishes with cilantro, serrano chilies, lime juice and a couple spices, and it’s tasty on its own or alongside Mexican-style food (personally, I ate it with quinoa, black beans, and Pineapple-Ginger Salsa [pictured in this post]!).

Another way to get more fruit in is to eat some with breakfast, which I treat as a lighter meal anyhow, generally speaking (my body is just not that hungry for much in the morning). Also from Ani Phyo was this morning’s breakfast: Apple-Nut Porridge, which is grain free because it’s made from  - you guessed it – apples and nuts processed together into a thick, porridge-like texture. It’s super tasty! Light and flavorful, with some body from almonds (my choice) and flaxseed. Perfect for a lady who knows she should eat something with a touch of protein, but doesn’t want to bother cooking stuff on the stove.

What do you do to keep up your fruit and veggie intake during the colder seasons?

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  1. Jes says:

    The broccolini is gorgeous. I tend to get in a rut, but thankfully we have kale a plenty and tons of winter squashes and cabbage and the like to work with. Love the radish slaw idea!

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