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Marmalade and Cake! – swell

Marmalade and Cake!

Vanilla and Lilacs
Spicy Beet Soup with Pea Shoots and Roasted Tofu
Cans of Tangerine Marmalade
Toast and Vanilla-Ginger Tangerine Marmalade
Vanilla Bean-Ginger Tangerine Marmalade
Raw Carrot Cake with Pecan Frosting

Oh, and soup! A spicy beet soup I made in the pressure cooker, then pureed and served with local pea shoots and some simple roasted tofu. It was a lovely, light spring dinner.

Also, because I become a little bit crazy before going on a big trip (we’re soon headed to Arizona for a week of camping and birdwatching), I decided I simply had to make some marmalade with the delightful tangerines we’ve had at work, and also some raw carrot cake I saw posted online. Instead of cleaning and packing and preparing, of course.

The marmalade is pretty straightforward; I use the recipe included in the box of Pomona’s Pectin and do the liquid sweetener route instead of sugar. I also added two scraped vanilla beans and a couple tablespoons of fresh minced ginger and ended up with 12 (!!) half pint jars in the end. (Don’t worry, the jar you see pictured was not canned, since it’s not suitable for that kind of thing… I’m a responsible canner!) I’ve given one away already, but will need to get some more out into the world. Have you ever made marmalade? Do you like it bitter or sweet? I didn’t peel my pixie tangerines because their peels were so thin, and it’s definitely on the bitter end of the spectrum. But I like it! Nice alongside some sweet nut butter on toast, and I bet pretty great on some scones!

Then, while wandering about online thinking about how to use up some goji berries, I stumbled across this recipe for raw carrot cake with a spicy pecan frosting. I tweaked it a little and threw on some blackberries that I picked up from the store today. It’s really dense but not too heavy since the cake portion doesn’t have any nuts in it. Next time I’d add some dried pineapple and currants (I forgot the latter in general) for texture and flavor.

It’s lilac season in Minnesota! I snagged this darling little bunch on my way home from volunteering this morning, and it’s sitting pretty in a spare medicine bottle. It really adds some life to pictures, too. Up next: a recipe for rejuvelac and some lime sour cream (tangy!). Happy spring!

2 Responses to “Marmalade and Cake!”

  1. Courtney says:

    The carrot cake turned out beautifully, A-k! It is gorgeous! I forgot to grab some lilacs on the rest of my way home, so I am gonna have to get some tomorrow. They smell sooooo good I need some in my apt ASAP!

    I have never made marmalade, but I have always wanted to. Yours looks so picturesque!


  2. Megan says:

    GORGEOUS lilacs!!

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