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raw: day two: backwards meals – swell

raw: day two: backwards meals

raw banana-blueberry buckwheat pancakes with strawberry-raspberry-date syrup

raw banana-blueberry buckwheat pancakes with strawberry-raspberry date syrup

today i made a realization about eating raw…it’s really hard to do social things with friends and be able to eat.  unless you bring your own food.  which, silly me, i neglected to do.  so i sat drinking hot herbal tea (which i’m allowing myself) and later caved in for an izze pomegranate soda (which i’m not) while my best friend had iced, caffeinated tea and later a piece of rhubarb poundcake.

luckily, i’d filled myself earlier with a green smoothie made from a banana, a pear, the juice of half a lemon, the juice of one orange, two leaves of kale, a few big handfuls of baby spinach, and some homemade vanilla almond milk.  actually, it made so much, i had two of these mason jars filled to the brim:

we rode a good few miles on our bikes to northeast minneapolis to look for vintage clothes and go to crafty planet, so when i got home, i was really hungry, and i went straight for the leftover zucchini linguini.  today it was not as good, but that’s probably at least partially my fault for storing the ingredients together in one container rather than separately (i’m trying to save on my dish duties).  it was a bit soggy from the mushroom marinade.

however, it was rectified shortly after by dinner, which consisted of what i’d hoped to have for breakfast – blueberry buckwheat pancakes with summer berry syrup – except i didn’t realize that they took five hours to dehydrate!  actually, i ended up dehydrating mine even longer, as i may have made the pancakes a bit big.  i’m really glad i made a half batch, not because they weren’t delicious, but because my modest food processor could barely handle that much (4 bananas in my half-batch versus 10 in a full, for a start)!

i’m going to take the liberty of changing the title of this dish to banana-blueberry buckwheat pancakes, since the banana flavor was more pronounced that the blueberries (4 bananas in 5 cd-sized pancakes!).  i used dates and water as the sweetener rather than agave for the summer berry syrup, because they’re cheaper and i like their flavor so much.  i’m not sure how to describe these – when i flipped them they looked amazingly like traditional pancakes, but they were very soft and creamy inside rather than light and fluffy (no leaveners, obviously).  other than being slightly weirded out by being room-temperature, though, i really enjoyed them, and they are easier to eat than the ani phyo version, which can get really filling in a short time.  and i’ve got leftovers for a day or two!

finally tonight my rosemary crisps also finished dehydrating.  i think i’ve had the dehydrator almost constantly on since saturday at 545am when i first made some buckwheat crispies.  but, as a result, i have buckwheat crispies, a cheescake/pie crust, pancakes, and these delicious and savory rosemary crisps (another recipe from living cuisine):

i had these as a snack with some of the leftover alfredo sauce from the zucchini dish (i found the amount of sauce to be a bit much for my taste).  there are so many flavors going on, but they come together really nicely, especially with the rosemary.  i got to use the homogenizing feature of my juicer to grind up the walnuts, sunflower seeds, cashews, tomatoes, celery, garlic, red onion, and dried rosemary.  then they were mixed with ground flax seed and salt.  i’m glad that, with the amount of work involved in making them, i’ve got three dehydrator trays’ worth, plus a pizza crust that i made on a whim.

tomorrow i’m planning on leftover pancakes for breakfast, a nice salad for lunch, and possibly (if my wild rice is fully sprouted) a tasty-sounding torte for dinner.  sometimes this takes a lot of forethought!  but i really do feel healthier so far, and i have faith in going through with the whole week.  on the suggestion of a comment made on the previous post, i may have to check out the farmer’s market tomorrow!

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  1. Ricki says:

    I admire your industriousness in making all these plan-ahead meals! That was one thing I found about eating raw–it took SOOO much time and planning. I ended up having only one or 2 dehydrated dishes, as I never thought that much ahead! These pancakes look amazing, though. :)

  2. john plummer says:

    Your food looks beautiful!

  3. nico says:

    whoa! those pancakes look awesome! makes me wish my dehydrator wasn’t the round type with the hole in the center…bah! perhaps i could try mini-cakes? the crackers look pretty tasty, too. have you tried Renee Loux’s other book, the balanced plate? it is pretty much hands-down THE favorite book i own.

  4. a-k says:

    ricki – i hear you. i’m getting burnt out!

    john – thank you!

    nico – i bet mini pancakes would be delicious! and probably take less time. i didn’t know renee loux had another book! i’ll have to keep my eye out for it!

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