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day 3 raw update – swell

day 3 raw update

not many pictures today… i only have access to a 32mb memory card while my girlfriend is away on tour, and this small storage capacity seems to be affecting my photography in a way that i am NOT into.  that and today was mostly leftovers from yesterday, and then a late night dinner (read: no natural light).

breakfast was leftover pancakes and syrup, plus some orange-carrot-ginger juice.  the juice was AMAZING!  i need to get more carrots tomorrow so i can have it again.  also, i saved the carrot pulp to make some kind of dessert in the future, and used it today to color some of the leftover alfredo sauce which, with the addition of some cumin and chili flakes, was transformed into a mexican-style cheese sauce.  in the afternoon i snacked on rosemary crisps, and drank the juice out of a coconut… yum!

i do have some of tonight’s dinner saved for tomorrow’s lunch, so hopefully i can snap a better picture than this one of my pre-rolled and cheez-smothered enchilada, lit by my inadequate kitchen at 930pm:

i have to admit that i was pretty tired and lazy as far as food today.  i’m not sure what my body is craving entirely, but i feel like i’ve been really focused on italian/french-flavors so far.  the enchilada was a nice break, but i’m definitely up for something spicier and “fresher.”  i mean by that some thai or indian, something with a different spice profile.  i’ve also felt hungry for snacks constantly.  i definitely get full with raw food, it’s just a very different kind of full; almost like the intense concentration of pure vegetables and nuts and seeds and spices becomes overwhelming for my mouth and stomach.  but an hour or two later, i’m hungry again.  it’s a different lifestyle having to think constantly about how much time i need to make a meal, which is very much my own doing for wanting to create more elaborate ones.  i think some simpler salads are in my future, and definitely lots of dessert.  vanilla cashew cream, i dream of you!

thanks for bearing with me during this, as i feel my posts have become less and less structured and coherent, and more and more personal.  hopefully i will strike a good balance soon.  until tomorrow…

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  1. Ricki says:

    I had the same experience eating lots of raw. . . felt full, then hungry again soon after. . .and all the time.

    And your supposedly “inadequate kitchen-lit” photo still looks better than most of mine!! ;)

  2. Nothing wrong with personal posts…it’s good to get to know others in the blogging community! And I feel the same way when I do raw detoxes, with that whole weird fullness factor. And I get hungry ALL THE TIME! By the way, apple carrot ginger juice is my fave!

  3. Courtney says:

    Yum–Mexican-style cheese sauce?! Sounds great! Do you want to share the recipe??

    I am really enjoying your posts–thanks for them!


  4. a-k says:

    ricki and bianca – i’m definitely still getting the hungry-full-hungry cycles. even with those huge and filling smoothies, an hour later it’s as though i never made them! i guess it just digests so easily that hunger strikes again quick? i don’t really know.

    bianca – apple carrot ginger juice sounds delicious!

    courtney – i’d love to share the recipe, but i don’t really have one. it was just combining a few leftovers and adding some cumin and coriander. i might try making a better “cheese” for raw or non-raw eats, in which case i would definitely post it. (also, thanks for the thanks!)

  5. shellyfish says:

    I’m so glad your sharing and I guess means making things more ‘personal’. It’s great to see what you’re eating and feeling during your raw experience.

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