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raw day 6 update – swell

raw day 6 update

another leftovers day… i finished off the torta toppings with some spinach as a salad of sorts, which was mighty tasty but not very picturesque.  i also have nearly finished the second half of my fruit tart (yum!), and otherwise have been snacking on crisps and drinking lots of water (it’s hot, and i’m sweating).  it’s odd; i’ve been waking up with a sleepy face/head, but once i’m up i feel like my heart is beating hard and i have all this energy while working.  maybe i’m just trying to work hard as a distraction though, because when i get home and sit down, i really just want to stay there and rub some ice cubes on my neck and lazily though addictively search apartment listings on craigslist.

in homemade, but not edible, developments, i bought a book about making your own non-toxic cleaning products.  we’ve already been buying stuff from the co-op for awhile, but store-bought is expensive as you probably already know.  armed with dr. bronner’s, baking soda, vinegar, and some essential oils, i started scrubbing the bathroom last night, and some more today.  i had also hoped that this internal cleanse would inspire me to do a thorough apartment cleansing, but i haven’t found too much time or motivation until now.

i’m thinking that tomorrow will be my last day of the “ultra-raw,” and i’ll start incorporating some non-raw food back in starting saturday.  i don’t really miss cooked food that much, just the ease of familiar (and quicker!) recipes.  above all i find myself really wanting some well-prepared tempeh, which isn’t that weird considering my fondness for it – still, not quite what i was anticipating my “cooked craving” to be.  but i’m definitely going to keep up with the smoothies and juices and fresh fruits and veggies (oh, the crunch of a carrot!) as much as i can.  that last slice of tart awaits me now, however, and i’m going to go greet it with a fork.

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  1. shellyfish says:

    That book on non-toxic diy home cleaners sounds interesting- let us know what you think!

    I was wondering what things you were craving…I can’t know because I haven’t tried it yet, but I think I would be craving convenience… good luck on the apartment cleanse! :)

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