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In which I try to have a Raw Wednesday… – swell

In which I try to have a Raw Wednesday…

spiced buckwheat porridge and a green smoothie

Raw breakfast: spiced buckwheat porridge and a green smoothie

This is not the best day of the week for me to do raw.  On Wednesdays I bake cookies and quick breads for 8 hours at work and having that stare me in the face, well… I can’t resist snacking on that little scraping of vegan tollhouse dough from the bottom of the mixing bowl.  I’ll have to pick another day for it, although I did manage two raw meals, including an experimentation with raw oatmeal.  It was good but needs a little bit of tweaking yet for the super yummy seal of approval.  Still, it could fool you, couldn’t it?

Spiced raw buckwheat porridge

Spiced raw buckwheat porridge

I tried warming the oatmeal in the dehydrator for about 30 minutes (this is often encouraged for soups and dishes in various raw cookbooks on cold days) because it was chill-y!  I must say it was nice not to hold a cold bowl in my hand, especially since I had it with a super dark green smoothie of banana, pear, spinach, kale, almond milk, lemon and cardamom.  Yum!

For lunch, an old standby: Brazil-Broccoli Mash with Miso Gravy from Ani’s Raw Food Kitchen.  The dressing, in particular, is so smooth and sweet and salty and delicious!  I had wanted to have this with marinated portobellas (a la mixmaster_mo … who also has an awesome new blog!), but I didn’t get around to buying them.  Next time for sure!  Still tasty with slices of red navel oranges (which also featured in the gravy) and a spicier reincarnation of that eggplant jerky (not pictured) I made back in June.

Brazil Broccoli Mash with Miso Gravy and red navel orange slices

Brazil Broccoli Mash with Miso Gravy and red navel orange slices

I hope to get some more raw into my diet again, since I’m still eating tons of sugar and wheat lately for some reason (and raw desserts are by far my favorite!).  I’ve also been dreaming up a new version of vegan Swedish meatballs (a seemingly ancient version is here), which I might also consider make a raw version of.  Think of the possibilities!  And have a lovely end of the week and start to the weekend…

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  1. Foodeater says:

    The broccoli mash looks tasty. Mostly though I’ve been looking for good green smoothie ideas and your combo sounds awesome… thanks for the idea!

  2. Shelby says:

    I’ve been wanting to try raw oatmeal for a while now. I just can’t find oat grouts anywhere!! I wonder if I could order them online…

  3. Nicole says:

    Oh the broccoli mash looks good!

  4. Oh, I don’t blame you! Who can resist eating cookie dough when making cookies? Besides, to do so would be insane. Anyway, that broccoli mash looks excellent. I sooo need that Ani book. Not sure why I haven’t bought it yet.

  5. JohnP says:

    This all looks great!

  6. JohnP says:

    This all looks great!

  7. I really like your raw stuff! very inspiring!

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