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Pancakes and kitties! – swell

Pancakes and kitties!

I confess I read a lot of blogs and drool over recipes and bookmark them or copy them into my notebook or MacGourmet and then never make them.  I really am not sure I’ve ever made anything besides Isa’s pumpkin pie brownies from an actual blog, although I often search for recipes online.  That is, until today.  I had a couple days off from work, it’s colder than it’s been since March (last night the low was 6 degrees.  6 degrees!), and despite my push towards healthier foods, Hannah’s Cornmeal and Cranberry Pancakes popped up in my blogroll perusings last night.  I had everything on hand, and, well, I justified it by making a half batch for me and my lady, replacing the white flour with spelt, and using Sucanat as the sugar.  (They weren’t that unhealthy to begin with for pancakes, though.)

Cornmeal and Cranberry Pancakes from the BitterSweet blog

Cornmeal and Cranberry Pancakes from the BitterSweet blog

They were perfect!  I singed a couple because I haven’t made pancakes in ages, but there weren’t any complaints.  Cranberries = yum!

I’m also trying to learn how to use my camera more fully to take nicer pictures.  I’ve never taken a class, and this is all trial and error at the moment (not to mention my first day of fully manual shooting), but it’s working out pretty well.  Still, I don’t think a single food photo so far can surpass the ridiculously photogenic qualities of Patches the cat:

Patches works the camera.

Patches works the camera.

I get to call her mine because I date her owner.  She’s giving me good experience with portraits, which I need right now because I’ve been asked to photograph my girlfriend’s band for a press release/new album photo (and I’m really nervous about it).  And all this camera stuff will also come in handy come the end of next week, when I pack my bags up and head to my two favorite “S” countries: Sweden and Scotland.  I’m taking a much needed vacation to visit my grandparents, sister, and old friends, and let my hands rest from chopping 30lbs. of root vegetables a day at work.

I hope I can post some sort of abbreviated “Thanksgiving” (really, see me making quotation marks in the air with my hands) mini-feast (it’s just the two of us, and early because of my flight), but if I don’t get to it, and you don’t hear from me for a couple weeks, that’s why.  I can’t decide whether to make a couple dishes over the course of a few nights, or have a late night extravaganza Wednesday night.  What are you doing for the Great Fall Binge, if you celebrate it?

9 Responses to “Pancakes and kitties!”

  1. Courtney says:

    Wow–have a great trip! That is so exciting…it will be great to see your family :o )


  2. Shelby says:

    I bookmarked that recipe as well, your pancakes look delicious!!

  3. Melisser says:

    Ooh, have fun in Scotland & Sweden! I am so very jealous!

  4. eliza says:

    yummy looking pancakes, and cute kitty i love love love cats!!

  5. Liz² says:

    what a trip! and what a gorgeous cat, I love her nose !!

    oh, and those pancakes – *good* choice of recipe to make, with stunning photography as always.

  6. Agnes =)) says:

    Hey hey!!!!

    Ohhh those pancakes….sooo interesting!!! Must have been delicious!! =D

    OHHH!! And that APPLESAUCE from your LAST post…. just YUM!!! =D Have to try it!!!!! =DDDDD VERY SOON!!!!!! =D

    If you have time pls visit my blog =D I’d be happy!!!

    Have a wonderful day!!!

  7. Jes says:

    Great pancakes, cat, and trip plans! Your photography is great. I’ve never had any training either, just my fancy camera, and over time I’d like to think I’ve become more comfortable with staging photos. Have a good mini-Thanksgiving! I’m going to be sitting at home with my menagerie cooking a one-person meal this year. :)

  8. I have a cat named Patches too! She lives at my mom’s house because I’ve had since I was 8, and when I moved out at age 18, I couldn’t bear to pull her from her happy surroundings. Now she’s like 20 years old!

    I’ll have to try those cranberry pancakes. Any pancake with cornmeal is my friend!

    Have a safe and fun trip!

  9. BitterSweet says:

    Your picture looks way better than mine! Glad you enjoyed the recipe. :)

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