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One Loss, Many Gains! – swell

One Loss, Many Gains!

Almond Ricotta Strawberry Tart with Sauteed Pears

Almond Ricotta Strawberry Tart with Sauteed Pears

Sounds good, right?  Well, I didn’t place in my first ever (very informal) baking contest.  Luckily my good friend Maria represented the vegans with a delicious coconut lime cake that won third place!

I suppose it helps to make something you’ve made before and tested out on people instead of making it up the morning of.  At any rate, I made a (really tasty) toasted nut and oat crust, topped it with a sweet Almond Ricotta from Nonna’s Italian Kitchen, topped that with a strawberry puree, and finished it with sliced pears and almonds that were sauteed with ginger and Amaretto.  There was some leftover ricotta and strawberry sauce, so I stirred them together while watching DVD commentary for La Strada before I left, and I thought they were pretty good.  Ahh well.

In good news, I picked up some amazing handmade goods from the co-occurring craft fair!  Some holiday gifts for the out-laws and my heart-mate, and I couldn’t pass up Amber’s earflap bike hat and Corin’s knit neck cozy.  Here is a low-lit and blurry self-portrait of my personal goods (gasp! the revelation!)…I’ve got to work on probably utilizing the AF on my camera for this sort of thing in the future:

Här är jag.

Här är jag.

No Responses to “One Loss, Many Gains!”

  1. LX says:

    YOU’RE BACK! Let’s get together. And the earflap bikehat is here too! We should Hang Out – Cooking Queen A to the K, Crafty Artist Amberino, and me. Sometime yo!

    I think your tart looks OH-mazing.

  2. melisser says:

    Adorable hat! I think you should have one, your tart sounds delicious!

  3. Jes says:

    Where can I get that bike cap?! Cute and functional–yes please! Your tart looks prize winning to me..

  4. mihl says:

    If it would have been my contest, you would have won. What an amazing cake!

  5. A neck cozy! So genius. It really does look cozy, as I hate having a cold neck on a chilly day. It’s so pretty too, I love the yellow.

    That tart looks like a winner in my book. Who cares if the loser judges underestimated it… I’m sure you have many dessert ideas up your sleeve that could have won, though. Pears sauteed in ginger…amazing!!

  6. DJ says:

    That neck cozy is AWESOME!

  7. Courtney says:

    You were robbed–that tart looks amazing!

    I bet you were grateful for your hat and neck warmer today…it is SOOOO cold out!


  8. shellyfish says:

    I want that bike hat!! Too chic! And the neck cozy thingy. I’ll take both, with a slice of that yummieness, please.

  9. Well, I bet that pie tasted perfect! It looks delish. Those crazy judges obviously didn’t have good palettes. And the hat is too cute!

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