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A Small Swell Update – swell

A Small Swell Update

Butternut Squash Soup from Julianos RAW

Butternut Squash Soup from Juliano's RAW

I’ve been experimenting with more raw foods, particularly since getting a copy of RAW: The UNcook Book by Juliano.  He’s kind of a kook!  But a lot of the recipes are really intriguing, and for some reason the bread recipes seem so much more approachable than in other raw books.  That could just be my mood or the time of year or the fact that I had my very first successful sprouting of oat groats and rye!  (Other times it hasn’t worked, or it’s gone off.)  I woke up early today to find little tails growing out of those suckers, and I’ve never been so happy at 7.30am before!

So a dehydrator day began in which raw oatmeal cookies, pumpernickel essene bread, and “garlic bread” went into my big black box.  The essene bread and the cookies aren’t quite done yet, but here’s a closeup of the garlic bread, which is thinly sliced jicama topped with a walnut-flax-garlic-bell pepper mixture:

Garlic Bread from Julianos RAW

Garlic Bread from Juliano's RAW

They were garlicky and rich, and the jicama underwent a real transformation in the dehydrator, from crispy and crunchy to watery and soft to papery-delicate (almost like baked phyllo dough!).  I had a few alongside a Butternut Squash Soup (pictured above) from the same book that was spiced with curry, sweetened with mango and a few dates, and topped with sliced banana, more chopped mango, mint and jalapeno.  So good!  But also unusually like a spicy, liquid mango sorbet.  I’m excited for the leftovers tomorrow.

Coconut Quinoa with Rainbow Chard and Almonds

Coconut Quinoa with Rainbow Chard and Almonds

*Zine Update*  Above you see a variation on one of the recipes for the upcoming zine (Coconut Red Beans and Quinoa is the first version).

As you can tell by this being yet another post about “I’m working on it, don’t worry, it’s coming!” — I’m not very good at staying focused when I’m only dealing with my own deadline.  So, I’m making this public so all of you have to hold me to it!  I will finish drafting and laying out the zine by the end of February.  Then I will work on screenprinting the covers with my friend Dan during the first half of March and hopefully have them ready by mid-to-late March.  Sound like a plan?  I think so!

As it currently stands, there will be 13 to 15 recipes.  There are tons of cookbooks coming out soon that are far fancier than my little “art project” and people in the vegan blogosphere seem to be testing left and right!  So I’m gonna be sneaking a few extra recipes in that my poor, neglected testers probably won’t or can’t get to.  (And if you have made and given me feedback on any of the recipes in the past, expect to hear from me soon!)

Hooray for handmade projects!

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  1. Shelby says:

    I got that book from the library and I loved it! I still need to buy it, it was one of the most interesting raw books I’ve read.

  2. Ricki says:

    Sounds just wonderful–and I’m looking forward to the zine! (And I still dream of those scones– ;) ).

  3. vegyogini says:

    I’m not sure if you’ve been to Juliano’s Raw restaurant in Santa Monica, but it’s amazing! I was disappointed that my favorite dishes from the restaurant weren’t in the book, so I haven’t bought it, but I’m glad to know you’re enjoying it.

    Good luck with the zine!

  4. Those photos are gorgeous! Good luck with the zine, sounds like fun!

  5. DJ says:

    That soup looks delish and I love the wafer thin ‘garlic breads’!

  6. shellyfish says:

    I almost bought that book this past summer, but since I don’t have a dehydrator, opted out and went for a less dehydrator-heavy book.

    I can’t wait for you zine to appear, but hey, take your time – self-imposed deadlines are hard to keep.

  7. I’m always trying to incorporate more raw foods into my diet. It is hard to do, but whenever I manage it the feeling of lightness, energy and peace is just amazing.

    That soup looks scrumptious!

  8. I really need to get my own dehydrator. I borrow my parents sometimes but it’s from the 80s and not that great. I’d like to try my hand at raw breads. I made flax crackers once and they were the best thing ever!

  9. Melisser says:

    Dang, the raw dishes sound delicious. I may have to experiment with raw myself!

  10. that soup looks amazing! Now get crackin’ on that ‘zine woman, you have vegans eagerly awaiting!

  11. Agnesss =)) says:

    Hey hey…

    It’s been some time since last on your blog ..I missed your creative posts =D

    And your photos…they always look so..professional!! =) jOY FOR THE EYES..=)

    All the RAW CREATIONS look amazzzing.Since I’m RAW VEGAN I love to find people interested in this Lifestyle/Eating as well =))

    You’re doing it soo good..!! =)

    I don’t have a dehydrator but I hope I’ll get some soon so that I can try these goodies too…

    Enjoy your day..=) If you have time pls come take a look at my new post =)) I’ll be happy =))

  12. Barbara says:

    your raw food makes other raw food look bad….

    wicked :)

  13. jae says:

    yes, i have heard (not that i didn’t sense it from his book) that Juliano is a bit of a nut! i love those pics of him in belly tops in the book – hilarious!

    have you discovered Renee Loux yet? she’s my fave when it comes to raw foods – her first book, Living Cuisine, is all raw; her second, The Balanced Plate, is some raw, and some other alt diets.

    you might also be interested in checking out the super simple raw lime pie i just posted on my blog today!

    enjoy the finishing up of your cookzine. even with the book out, i still find i have to put a zine together every once in a while.

  14. Your zine is going to be awesome — by the looks of the Coconut Quinoa with Rainbow Chard and Almonds, I can just tell! It is so pretty with all the colors and textures! I already know your maple-mustard-chili tempeh recipe is awesome (and I can’t wait to try it with tofu next).

    I do think raw butternut squash is intriguing! I always roast mine because then it tastes like candy.

  15. Diann says:

    The raw recipes are really interesting, but your salad looks the best!

  16. Kiersten says:

    Your coconut quinoa sounds so yummy. (I am new to your blog by the way. Your recipes look great!)

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