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If ever there was a reason to own a dehydrator… – swell

If ever there was a reason to own a dehydrator…

…this would be it:

Raw red pizza with avocado, bell peppers, tomatoes, and kale

Raw red pizza with avocado, bell peppers, tomatoes, and kale

Heck yes that pizza is raw!  It’s also filling and delicous!  Not impressed by vegan cheese and trying to stop eating wheat means pizza isn’t much of an option for me right now.  I’ve tried raw pizza before at Ecopolitan, but I was truly inpsired by Mandee’s raw pizza post to try making some myself.

I made this yesterday (and made the crust over the weekend) based on a recipe from Alissa Cohen’s Living on Live Foods.  The crust is chewy (in a non-glutinous way) and really substantial, unlike other raw flax crusts I’ve had which tend to crumble pretty easily.  With this pizza I could practically fold the slice in my hand to eat it!  I think the trick here is the dehydrated sprouted-buckwheat-flax-veggie crust, spread with sunflower/nut cheese first, then topped with marinara and veggies and dehydrated again.  The flavors get a chance to mingle, the layers get “sealed” together, and the pizza takes on a cooked look and taste.  I’m really glad I made three crusts at once (the other two are in the freezer) so I can experiment with different toppings.

Doesn’t the marinara and nut/seed cheese look like caramelized regular cheese?

Raw Red Pizza slice

Raw Red Pizza slice

I’ve been trying to get more greens in to my diet, because I feel so good when I do.  That’s why there’s kale on that pizza (even though it looks like basil).  And that’s also why my green smoothies have been getting greener:

Super Green Smoothie

Super Green Smoothie

Whereas I used to only use a couple leaves of stemmed kale and a handful or two of spinach, I can now handle nearly half a bunch of kale (visually I’m trying to do half or more of the blender jar as greens)… I added some orange juice and water to this particular batch, and as I up the greens I might add an extra half or whole frozen banana to cut the bitterness of the greens a little.  Sometimes I throw some cinnamon and fresh ginger into the smoothies depending on the fruit I’m using, and it is really warming despite it still being cold and gray here in Minnesota.  Last week we celebrated sunny and 45F (!) and today we have an unpleasant slushy mix falling from the sky.

The zine work is going strong… it feels so close now!  I just hope I can synch up my schedule with Dan’s so the covers can get printed.  In other news, I’ve been testing recipes for Terry’s new Vegan Latina cookbook.  It’s definitely a contrast to a lot of the raw and lighter foods I’ve been eating, but it’s so exciting to learn about Latin American food beyond the typical Mexican, pupusas and chimichurri sauce (which is about all I have experience with).  Here is last night’s dinner of Pinto Gallo (a smoky, creamy beans and rice dish) topped with Green Tomatillo Sauce (so fresh and lovely!), alongside Pickled Red Onions (isn’t that color amazing?) and Salvadorian Slaw (crunchy and tangy)…the salad in back is just what I threw together:

Vegan Latina Dinner!

Vegan Latina Dinner!

I’m hoping that I might have time tomorrow to post a dessert-y recipe using some strawberries I scored for free from work today, but for now the weather outside is lulling me into a nice little catnap…

No Responses to “If ever there was a reason to own a dehydrator…”

  1. Courtney says:

    Wow–that pizza looks amazing! I have yet to try crackers/crusts/breads in my dehydrator…it seems more difficult than just cutting up fruit or veggies and dehydrating them! But if those are the results, it would totally be worth it!

    Oh, Vita-Mix, let me count the ways I love thee…#1 Green Smoothies! Yum! I love how the kale gets all blended in perfectly smooth and delicious. And I totally add cinnamon to my smoothies too–so good!

    What is up with our weather?! I am ready for spring!


  2. Nicole says:

    The raw pizza looks amazing! Your photos are absolutely gorgeous, too!

  3. Shelby says:

    Oh how I wish I had a dehydrator!

  4. jd says:

    That pizza is making me jealous!

    And the green smoothie? I love it!

    I actually just bought a bunch of kale yesterday, specifically to use in smoothies. Hopefully mine will turn out as delicious as yours did :)

  5. melody says:

    That is probably the best raw pizza I’ve ever seen.. *and I’ve made a lot of raw pizza*

  6. Jodye says:

    Oh yay, I’m always looking for new dehydrator recipes! This looks gorgeous!

  7. shellyfish says:

    I so want a dehydrator!!! So I can make pizzas like that one, and crackers, and bread… and green smoothies are my favourite!

  8. veganTickles says:

    Can’t wait to see Terry’s cookbook.

  9. That looks and sounds awesome!!! Yum!!!

  10. Kala says:

    That pizza looks really yummy!

  11. Mandee says:

    I love love love your pizza! Makes me want to make raw pizza tonight! And the tester from Terry’s book looks delish!

  12. kittee says:

    since going gluten free in october, i have yet to throw down and embrace baking with xantham gum, sorghum flour and other strange-to-me ingredients. i wonder if i wouldn’t be happier investing in a dehydrater? your crust looks great, and the dehydrated flax crackers i’ve been buying from the food whole are more like flax cracker$.



    • a-k says:

      It is so much cheaper to make your own! Unless you’re gonna go hogwild on dehydration days I’d recommend you NOT get a 9-tray dehydrator like I did (eep!)… although I’m slowly learning to make better use of most of it these days.

  13. aTxVegn says:

    Every raw pizza I’ve tasted has been really delicious, and yours looks fantastic!

  14. mia says:

    Thank you for helping with my decision to purchase a dehydrator! This pizza looks fantastic!

  15. Stacey says:

    where do i get the recipe?

  16. Vaishali says:

    Swell vegan, Love the idea of a raw pizza. It looks absolutely delicious. And thanks for the great tip on cleaning kale!

  17. melisser says:

    Wow, the pizza is gorgeous! I can’t wait to start testing for Terry as well.

  18. The pizza is stunning- raw bread is definately a reason to own a dehydrator! Lovely blog!

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