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The Cabin and the Radio – swell

The Cabin and the Radio

This past weekend, my girlfriend and I partook in an old Midwestern tradition.  “Going up to the cabin” is a very white (and rather heteronormative, at least as far as the neighbors) activity that’s always been kind of intriguing to me, and a friend of ours kindly invited us up to her family’s cabin in far western Minnesota (about 40 miles from Fargo, ND).  While the weather in general was not very cooperative, we were lucky to have a playful new kitty, some board games, and vegan-cooking-receptive hosts.

Isn’t he cute?  Buffy made us all exclaim with delighted glee at his tiniest movements and kitten behaviors.  He took a particular liking to our friend Anne’s great-aunt Ruthie, who is 93 and, as it turns out, likes vegan food enough to “swear that [tempeh bacon] was meat!”  Often we would find him curled up in her lap while she read, or played Rummikub, or even while we ate some vegan chili the night of our arrival:

We also let him outside, where he scurried up posts and climbed trees:

We also got to check out lots of birds at the feeder… nothing new for us amateur birdwatchers, but I still find White-Breasted Nuthatches so so cute (that’s a Black-Capped Chickadee in the foreground):

One thing I like about cabins, especially older ones that aren’t remodeled or aren’t some excessive structure more akin to mansion, is the time warp into which you feel you’ve stepped.  What may not be terribly obvious from this blog is that I’m a fool for mid-century kitchen stuff, knickknacks, decor, clothes, etc.  In addition to an old and giant percolator in which we brewed our morning coffee, there was this amazing little corner of the kitchen:

And as if that weren’t enough, check out this assortment of “ancient” remedies from the past:

Wait a minute, this is a food blog!  Ahh yes, fear not, I have two humble photos for you.  Being the sole vegan and the one who likes making food most, I was put in charge of cooking for the weekend.  Since dinner was a casual affair overshadowed by a simultaneous game of Rummikub I didn’t get a photo, but brunch on Saturday and Sunday were both lovely and sunlit affairs.  Exhibit A – the “Mexican” breakfast, consisting of spiced, roasted red and sweet potatoes (the seed of an idea for a zine no. 2 recipe), stewed black beans, avocado slices on a side of spinach for me (I passed, naturally, on the eggs):

And Exhibit B – Ricki’s Carob Date Pancakes (from her book Sweet Freedom) drizzled with maple syrup, the aforementioned tempeh bacon, and fresh fruit salad.  Yum!  It makes me wish for a cabin of our own someday.

Exciting News! Kim from the (Minneapolis) blog Affairs of Living recommended me for a guest appearance on AM950′s Fresh and Local Show, which I’ll be on this Saturday, August 8 to talk about eating fresh, local food.  Eep!  I’m really excited but a bit nervous, and ever so grateful this doesn’t involve videotaping… although I’ve been reassured that the ladies are awesome and it’s tons of fun.  If you live in the area, you can tune in Saturday morning from 8-9am (I’ll be on there sometime after 8.30).  If not, the show should be archived within a week or two to the website above.

Speaking of local food, I’m about to pluck some ripe Bloody Butcher Tomatoes from outside my front door for dinner ;-)

16 Responses to “The Cabin and the Radio”

  1. VeggieGirl says:

    Aww, Buffy is a cutie!!

    Can’t go wrong with a recipe from Ricki – those pancakes look wonderful!!

  2. Shelby says:

    Buffy is adorable!!!

    Those pancakes are making me hungry! I must get that cookbook soon!

  3. Nora says:

    Everything–house, decor, food–looks so simple, yet so wonderful. Buffy is a real sweetheart (and I don’t even like cats!)

  4. I LOVE cabins and all the weird, old quirky stuff that is always inside them. I adore the canister and measuring spoon photo – so charming. I’m a sucker for old wallpaper.

    And I promise, you’ll have fun on the radio! I’ll try to listen, but I’m in a wedding that day and we’ll all be getting our hair and makeup done at that time – truth be told, I’d rather be listening to the show from bed with a cup of tea : ) I’m very curious to hear my recording from last weekend, because I hardly remember what I said!

    Have fun, good luck, and take a deep breath – you’ll be great. Just talk about what you love, and you’ll have a blast : )

  5. Celine says:

    Buffy has a special place in my hear because, well, I have my own Buffy too.

    fingers crossed for the radio show!

  6. Hello Veggie says:

    Have fun on the Radio show, sounds like it will be a good time. I’m sure you’ll do great. l love mid-century modern items too, Danish in particular.

    The kitty and the great aunt look sooo cute. And the tempeh bacon looks sooo tasty!

  7. coulditbeseitan says:

    That place looks so beautiful! And carob date pancakes? Sign me up. Congrats on the radio appearance!

  8. Mary says:

    That view looks so relaxing. I love cabin decor! Good luck on the radio, you’ll be great.

  9. Mihl says:

    Now I know two cats who are called Buffy!

    That cabin looks like a really nice place. The cabin, the Mexican breakfast, the pancakes…that all sounds like a perfect summer!

    Have fun on the radio show.

  10. Courtney says:

    Hahaha–growing up in MN all of my friends would go “up North” to their cabins each weekend…I thought “up North” seemed so cool–I was totally jealous! And would you guess what?! I STILL have never been “up North”!! Ah, well…

    That is one cute kitty!

    Congrats on the radio show! You will be awesome :-) Where do they tape it? It isn’t at the farmers market, is it? If it is, I will totally come and listen/watch!


  11. Ricki says:

    Sorry I’m so late to comment–I am SOOO behind on my blog reading!! The cabin (we call it “cottage” up here) looks lovely–and I’m also a fan of those retro touches (love that cannister set!). Thanks for making the carob pancakes, and for the link!

    And CONGRATS on the radio appearance! I am so grateful for the archived shows, because at least that way I can hear your interview! I’m sure you will be terrific. :)

  12. t says:

    Ok, that kitty is waaaay too cute.

    Sounds like such a relaxing time at the cabin! Heteronormative or not, playing cards and sitting by the lake in a kitschy cabin is good old fashioned fun.

    And that’s so cool that you’re going to be on the radio!

  13. veganhomemade says:

    Your pictures are gorgeous, and that kitty is so flippin’ cute!

  14. SweetKaroline says:

    mmmmm tempeh bacon and fresh fruit salad! Your pics are awesome!

  15. Judy says:

    That first picture is absolutely gorgeous! I love spending time at ‘cabins’ (or cottages as we call them in Canada), especially ones with that old-time charm like wall paper, utensils, old magazine, and yes, I even love the old medicine! And what a cute lil kitty :)

  16. [...] because it’s good!”  So good, in fact, that I brought the recipe along to make for our cabin trip over the summer, where it received equally rave [...]

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