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VeganMoFo: Odds and Ends – swell

VeganMoFo: Odds and Ends

Last night my ladyfriend came into the kitchen and said, “I wish we had brownies.”  I said, “I can make some!” and I did.  Of course I reached for Sweet Freedom and discovered that I had all the ingredients for a half-batch of the Ultra Fudgy Brownies… even half an avocado! which makes up some of the delightful fat in this relatively low-fat brownie.  Umm, I’ve mentioned before that I’ve never been a big chocolate fan, and therefore have little to no idea what a brownie should taste or feel like, but this really satisfied me and my lady (who claimed it was “like a really delicious low-fat brownie”)!  And really, could it get much sexier than that rich and decadent chocolate yumminess up there, with hardly any guilt?  For reals.  It’s inspiring me to use avocado more in baked goods.

I’ve also been perusing Ani Phyo’s new dessert book more in preparation for a review I’m working on for Domestic Affair.  Although most of the recipes don’t require a dehydrator (as in her first book), I wanted to try out this Breakfast Toast recipe, which does.  I’ve just finished the last piece today, having eaten it plain or as a raw “PB&J” with almond butter and fresh berries.  Does making a PB&J raw really require a recipe?  Probably not, but then I would never had tried out this tasty buckwheat, flax, sesame, raisin “bread”!  Here with some organic blueberries I got for free:

And my personal favorite, with organic raspberries (also free!):

I’ve also slowly been materializing some recipes for the next zine, including one for Apple Cinnamon Quinoa Porridge.  It’s in need of a little tweaking, but super filling and tasty all the same.  I brought some leftovers to work the other day:

I’ve got another post with a recipe coming up later tonight, or perhaps tomorrow afternoon (I feel like a slacker compared to some of you daily mofo-ers!) for some Vegan Haggis Loaf I made today, topped with a sauce I made from Farmer’s Market ground cherries, red wine, and peppercorns.  I’d do it in this post, but I’m running out of time before I must dash off to my evening class about native tree species in Minnesota.  Therefore I leave you with a picture of Jes‘s delicious Tempeh Tube Sausage patties which I made for brunch yesterday, along with steamed broccoli and roasted sunchokes… these are awesome and inspire me to concoct all sorts of tasty vegan burgers, including one which I will be bringing along on our camping trip up north this weekend (yes, I said up north, and yes, we are probably insane):

No Responses to “VeganMoFo: Odds and Ends”

  1. amanda says:

    The tempeh tube sausage looks awesome, but what an unfortunate name! Reminds me of a crude joke popular among Louisvillians, but I’ll refrain from going there…;)

  2. Heather says:

    Everything, as always, looks freaking delicious. I’m going to make the carrot cake cupcakes from Ani’s dessert book soon! They look like one of the easiest recipes. Can’t wait to read your review.

  3. VeggieGirl says:

    So much deliciousness!

  4. Nicole says:

    Haha, when I was reading this post, I said the exact thing as VeggieGirl!

  5. Ricki says:

    Wow–your brownies look SO fudgy! Glad you enjoyed them. :)

    I saw Jen’s sausage recipe and thought I must try it, too–now I am determined!

  6. Jes says:

    Ha! I love that first comment! It is an unfortunate name…but just what I came up with on the fly.

    Glad you like the sausages! I’m a’waiting for that haggis recipe! The sauce sounds divine!

  7. cookingforaveganlover says:

    Wow everything looks amazing!

  8. Lauren says:

    Oh my! What a yummy post! Is it okay to be craving brownies at 9:30 AM?? :)

  9. kim says:

    Gorgeous, gorgeous, delicious, my mouth is watering, that vegan haggis loaf sounds fabulous! and don’t even get me started on those brownies – i am a big chocolate fan, and pretty much adore brownies, and those look good. i haven’t had what i’d consider a decent brownie in over a year and a half (!) despite MANY GF, vegan, carob-instead-of-chocolate, sugar free attempts. basically, i’ve been trying to make a brownie without anything that makes a brownie good. :)

  10. veganlisa says:

    I really love Ani’s books. I just made a batch of the toasts to take on a trip with me. I hope you enjoy many of the simple, sweet results in your kitchen.

  11. Courtney says:

    Vegan haggis?! I cannot wait to see that recipe…wow!

    Those brownies look fabulous…and now you have me craving brownies! Did you sub out the wheat flour in the recipe for something else–spelt or a gluten free flour?


  12. Mo says:

    I can’t wait to see the haggis!

  13. mihl says:

    Those brownies look very fudgey! I wanted to get Ricki’s book for ages…

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