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Recent Treats – swell

Recent Treats

Rawnola with Avo-Lime Pudding, Starfruit, and Goji Berries
GF Pizza with Mushrooms, Sun-Dried Tomatoes and Figs
GF Pizza Slice
Homemade Tempeh
Tahini and Sauerkraut GF Toastwich with Arugula

I’m trying to take more pictures because I’ve felt a bit out of practice, even if I don’t have any new recipes to post, so I can motivate myself to keep the blog attended to (unlike some periods in the past).  So more daily and random updates to come, hopefully, including my delving into fermentations!  But first things first.

Mihl over at Seitan is my Motor recently posted a delicious looking recipe for gluten-free bread/pizza dough.  She is always knocking my fuzzy winter socks off with all of her posts, but especially her bread posts, and I always drool longingly for her various gorgeous creations (even when I was eating gluten I rarely make the time for homebaked bread), so I knew I had to try this out.  With some tweaks, of course, because hers contained corn products, and I have an inability to practice patience with yeast sometimes (perhaps to a slight bit of detriment).  But a few hours later some crispy crusted pizza was had!  Mine was less impressive than hers I think due to some strange yeast phenomenon.  Although I’d add a bit of brown rice syrup to mine next time, I look forward to using psyllium husk egg replacers in future gluten-free baking.  Check out that crispy crust!

Also, my coworker and I made tempeh.  As in, we MADE tempeh.  From scratch.  She brought over some culture and we tossed em with some cooked soybeans and incubated them.  Lesson learned: dehydrators do not make good tempeh incubators (a lot of it was lost to dried out beans – oops!), but we are excited to make more, especially since this was the best freaking tempeh I’ve ever had in my life, and I didn’t even simmer it beforehand.  I sauteed mine with some olive oil, balsamic, and tamari.  Yum!

She also kindly gave me some koji starter and I’ve got a batch of amazake incubating right now… more on that as it develops (har har, no pun intended).

I can’t stop eating rawnola, even yet.  This batch also has sprouted quinoa and millet in addition to buckwheat, and this morning I had it with hemp milk, goji berries, a dollop of avocado lime frosting/pudding, and sliced starfruit.  Pretty and delicious:

Lastly, I’ve discovered that my favorite sandwich is really really good with arugula (or rocket as some call it).  I love the peppery bite!  More on some amazake goodies coming soon :)

19 Responses to “Recent Treats”

  1. veganplaisir says:

    That rawnola does look pretty amazing… and I’m in awe at anyone who makes tempeh! So cool.

  2. mihl says:

    Your pizza looks very impressive. But making tempeh sounds much more impressive!

  3. Kecily says:

    Where did you get the tempeh culture from?

    I have a gaggenau steam oven and I think it would be jsut perfect to make tempeh -_^

    • a-k says:

      My friend brought it over, but she ordered the tempeh culture from G.E.M. Cultures, I think one of the only online sources for basically every fermentation product out there!

  4. Mary says:

    Your photos are GORGEOUS, as always. I was thinking about Mihl’s pizza crust, but I don’t have access to psyllium husk. What did you use for an egg replacer? It looks yummy!

    I am so impressed that you made tempeh. I LOVE tempeh. I’ll bet it was the tempeh-est experience ever. I’ll have to try it.

    • a-k says:

      I did use psyllium powder, though I wonder if chia seeds wouldn’t also work similarly. Except I suppose if you don’t have access to psyllium you might not have access to chia. Have you checked the supplements aisle at your grocery store or drugstore? Psyllium is basically what’s in Metamucil and those kinds of things so they might have it near there.

  5. Great looking pizza– and yay for homemade tempeh! I haven’t had any of that in a million years. But you’re right, it’s the very best.

  6. johnp says:

    The dehydrator will work fine for incubating tempeh – you just have to make sure it is well covered with tiny holes in the covering so it can breathe but not dry out. Great post as always!

  7. veganhomemade says:

    Mad props for making your own tempeh. It looks awesome!

  8. You made your own tempeh!!! That is major vegan awesomeness points. Gold star! It looks so much better than the kind you buy in the store…

    And the rawnola looks delish. I like how you mixed in fresh and dried fruit, nut milk, and a dollop of avo cream.

    BTW, I made the Chocolate Almond Midnight with quite a few of my own adaptations. The result — yummy … but not as good as what I had at Millennium that night. Their white chocolate mousse was way better than the one I invented for the recipe. But alas, it’s still tasty. Bringin’ it to a birthday dinner tonight (after I already stole a slice to sample because I’m tacky like that). Thanks for the recipe!

    • a-k says:

      Sometimes I can’t stop myself! (re: rawnola fixins)

      Glad the recipe worked okay… I did notice that white chocolate mousse in your pictures; maybe it’s in Artful Vegan? For next time, anyway!

  9. This crust looks great. I really need to try this gluten free crust.

    How cool that you made your own tempeh, I never thought about that before.

  10. Lauren says:

    That pizza is calling my name!! So cool that you made your own Tempeh!!! Love Rawnola! I’ve been loving starfruit lately too, got a few in my co-op box! YUM!

  11. Heather says:

    Looking forward to hearing how you fare with the amazake. Been thinking of having a crack at that myself. And a rawnola recipe would be much appreciated!

  12. That tempeh looks amazing! I’m really impressed. A rawnola recipe would be fantastic, I agree.

  13. Jes says:

    And now I really really really have to make that pizza dough asap–your pizza looks rockin!

    Such great food porn; I’m glad you’re posting it, even sans recipes.

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