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This time of year is hard for me… when the sun goes away for long periods of time, I get the winter blues.  I feel like I’ve had no time for anything, but really I’ve just been terribly lazy and unmotivated and haven’t made better use of my time.  Despite eating cookie dough all weekend, I’ve luckily also been hit by intense cravings for salad, especially kale salads.  And making lots of sauces and dressings and smoothies.  Pictured here is some romaine and micro greens with a tahini-garlic dressing, and some baked Savoy cabbage rolls stuffed with quinoa, mushrooms, and French lentils and a lovely artichoke and pepper sauce, which was a made up creation a few months ago out of fridge items needing using, and somehow recreated easily last night.  The recipe is going to be in the zine!

I’m hoping my random Wednesday off during this busy week for work will allow me some time to post a real recipe.  It will certainly get lost in the madness surrounding the end of the week for those of you who celebrate the baby j, or some secular version thereof.  Each year this holiday gets less and less impressive to me, especially since I’m making a concerted effort to acquire fewer material things, and it doesn’t feel quite the same without my mom and sister to bake and sing and giggle.  Mostly I’ve been eating simple meals, and devouring cabbage in various forms, and wondering what January through March will mean for culinary inspiration since Minnesota’s winter doesn’t provide a ton of local options, nor does the massive amount of snow and cold seem to promote anything beyond soup made with tons of root veggies.  That’s not such a bad solution, though, is it?  Is there anything you do to keep the winter blahs/blues away?

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  1. Courtney says:

    Those cabbage rolls look fantastic! And the artichoke sauce?! Yum :-)

    Can you believe our snow?!? Ugh. I think it is enough to get anyone down :-( Getting together with friends helps me keep the winter blues away…laughter is always a good thing, even if I am not always in the best mood. Call me/get in touch any time!


    • LauraJayne says:

      I have recently re-discovered hot yoga, and found that it is perfect in the winter! It is warm, gets me out of the house/office, and totally refreshes me (not to mention exhausts me, and a good night’s sleep is a mood booster for me too!).

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