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GF Three Pepper Red Bean and Greens Gumbo

GF Three Pepper Red Bean and Greens Gumbo

I’m determined over the next two nights to make really tasty dinners for my girlfriend before she leaves for her European tour.  Not because I imagine she’ll not get anything tasty while abroad (and Europe is so much more generous with these sorts of things than her band has ever encountered in the U.S.), nor [...]

VeganMoFo: Pumpkin (and Other Orange Delights)

Tonight I found myself alone for dinner at the start of a seldom-experienced three-day weekend with chilly damp temperatures outside and no money to spend.  Luckily I was loaded up with CSA veggies, recently rehydrated cannellini beans, and a lot of baking ingredients.  I got to bust out my newly acquired vintage holiday-themed Pyrex lidded [...]

More Test Recipes and Fun with Adzuki Beans

A lot of people have been posting their happy spring pictures, but things get started a little bit later up here in Minnesota.  I noticed buds on the trees and new grass about a week ago, and above you see the start of some herbs for a container garden I’m planning to tend this year.  [...]

Get It Ripe by jae steele

You know when you get a cookbook and you read it from cover to cover and cradle it in your arms and wanna marry it?  Uh… me neither; isn’t that a weird idea? Okay, so it’s really mostly true.  I heard about Get It Ripe in the Post Punk Kitchen forums awhile back and have [...]

A Birthday Dinner

So, remember how in my last post I said I was reducing my sugar intake except for holidays and special occasions?  This was a very special occasion: my ladyfriend’s 28th birthday!  We had our good friends Michael and Dan over and it was a gay ol’ party (I mean that in both senses)! While I [...]

PPK Cookbook Challenge: Yellow Rose Recipes

A challenge was put forth over on the PPK to make three recipes (or more) from a selected cookbook over a week.  Because of the moving and such, this is actually the third week of the challenge, but my first chance to participate.  Joanna‘s cookbook Yellow Rose Recipes was the contender, and after going through [...]