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Thanksgiving Feast!

Thanksgiving Feast!

I think my favorite thing about any big celebratory meal is getting to channel my totally unfeminist dreams of being a midcentury housewife: cleaning the house, cooking massive amounts of food, setting the table, getting to use my pretty (though very unmatched) vintage servingware, lighting candles, and playing Astrud Gilberto and Les Baxter records.  I [...]

If ever there was a reason to own a dehydrator…

…this would be it: Heck yes that pizza is raw!  It’s also filling and delicous!  Not impressed by vegan cheese and trying to stop eating wheat means pizza isn’t much of an option for me right now.  I’ve tried raw pizza before at Ecopolitan, but I was truly inpsired by Mandee’s raw pizza post to [...]

A Small Swell Update

I’ve been experimenting with more raw foods, particularly since getting a copy of RAW: The UNcook Book by Juliano.  He’s kind of a kook!  But a lot of the recipes are really intriguing, and for some reason the bread recipes seem so much more approachable than in other raw books.  That could just be my [...]