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Veganmofo: A Lovely Sunday

Sunday morning I got up and decided to whip that cornbread into a sweet bread pudding for brekkie.  I kind of winged it and in hindsight should have looked at a recipe before diving in to get a more appropriate custard thing going on, but… I also added raisins, pecans, amaranth (because it is AWESOME), [...]

If ever there was a reason to own a dehydrator…

…this would be it: Heck yes that pizza is raw!  It’s also filling and delicous!  Not impressed by vegan cheese and trying to stop eating wheat means pizza isn’t much of an option for me right now.  I’ve tried raw pizza before at Ecopolitan, but I was truly inpsired by Mandee’s raw pizza post to [...]

Raw Fresh Thyme and Celery Soup

Raw Fresh Thyme and Celery Soup I know, I know… I can’t quit with the raw stuff lately.  But my non-raw fare has really consisted of a lot of cookbook recipes or unimpressive stir fries (well, impressive only because they were palatable despite being made in an empty North Shore cabin kitchen without tamari!). I’m [...]