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Today we un-cooked.

Today we un-cooked.

Kim (from the Affairs of Living blog) and I finally got together today to make some food following our initial so-so experiment with a savory scone a few months back.  I’ll admit I was both excited and nervous to make raw food with Kim, because her list of food allergies is long (we’re talking far, [...]

Thanksgiving Feast!

Thanksgiving Feast!

I think my favorite thing about any big celebratory meal is getting to channel my totally unfeminist dreams of being a midcentury housewife: cleaning the house, cooking massive amounts of food, setting the table, getting to use my pretty (though very unmatched) vintage servingware, lighting candles, and playing Astrud Gilberto and Les Baxter records.  I [...]

Pre-Thanksgiving Prep

Pre-Thanksgiving Prep

As usual, I’m too late with these kinds of things to be of much use to anyone right now, but I’ve got to get my blogging mojo back so I’m posting anyway.  I’m working all week, including on Thanksgiving until 1pm, so I’m trying to clean my house and make as much food as I [...]

Raw Coconut and Persimmon Parfait (and giving gluten a rest)

Raw Coconut and Persimmon Parfait (and giving gluten a rest)

Well, after VeganMoFo, it feels like I dropped off the planet a bit.  For a week, anyway   This past week has been really stressful, and I’ve been having a hard time making food in general, much less blogging about it.  But things are on the upswing (I hope). Early for me on a day [...]

VeganMoFo: Recent Raw Treats

Raw Strawberry Macaroons from Ani’s Raw Food Desserts. I’m making a bunch of recipes from Ani’s Raw Food Desserts this week to write up a review for Jae Steele’s blog.  So far, just about everything has been Pretty Tasty.  Strawberries are one of my favorite foods, so the smell and taste of these macaroons makes [...]

VeganMoFo: Odds and Ends

Last night my ladyfriend came into the kitchen and said, “I wish we had brownies.”  I said, “I can make some!” and I did.  Of course I reached for Sweet Freedom and discovered that I had all the ingredients for a half-batch of the Ultra Fudgy Brownies… even half an avocado! which makes up some [...]

VeganMoFo: Raw and Cooked

When I opened my cupboards yesterday, I looked up and saw all these brown pouches full of fancy raw superfoods I’d bought awhile ago.  And despite my claim in #24 here, I thought I’d give raw chocolate a go.  I’ve added nibs to smoothies, but apparently all the wrong kinds of smoothies, because I always [...]

VeganMoFo: Raw Apple Crisp and Veggieful Dinner

This morning I got up, went to the dehydrator, and pulled out a tray of Maple Cinnamon Buckwheat Crispies from Raw Food Real World.  (No, maple isn’t really raw…ooh, controversy!)  Then I sliced some apples, mixed them with a “syrup” out of dates, cinnamon, cardamom, lemon juice and coconut water, and topped them with the [...]

Cardamom-Orange Coconut Flaxjacks!

So I promised about 5 days ago that I was going to work on making a more palatable version of Ani Phyo’s Coconut Breakfast Cakes (which some of you have tried and weren’t crazy about), and I finally got around to making “breakfast” for lunch after work today. So here’s the deal with the original [...]

Recent Eats via the Farmer's Market

I’ve been going to the farmer’s market and getting so excited by produce that I tend to overbuy and have too much of something.  Well, more than I need for a recipe or two sometimes.  Like garlic scapes.  My herbs are also growing almost out of control outside, so I thought I should bring the [...]

Fruited Cabbage Kale Salad with Tahini-Garlic Dressing

I’m not huge on holidays, and rather less huge on themed food for holidays (apart from Thanksgiving and the baking and beverages surrounding that one consumer holiday in December).  Since we got our grill, however – because we have a space to have one now – I’m not opposed to an excuse for using it [...]

Raw Week: Transitioning

Sorry for the lack of blogging the past couple days… on one hand I needed a break to work on some other projects, and on the other I didn’t really have anything blog-worthy to share.  Honestly, after Thursday’s feast at Ecopolitan, I started eating very simply for the most part.  A lot of straight up [...]

Raw Week: Noodles and Dining Out

Quick post tonight – I’m beat!  In addition to eating and preparing raw food when I’m not working, I’m photographing a friend’s knit/crochet crafts for her etsy site.  It’s good fun, but lots of work! Had a giant green smoothie for breakfast.  When I got home, I made a Pad Thai-style noodle dish except I [...]

Raw Week: Fruity Crepe and Veggie Dressing

Today has been a weird day.  I had some weird nightmares so I never felt totally rested all day, and on top of it I had my (usually) least favorite shift at work. However, I had an AMAZING breakfast, as you can probably see!  I used the Rawmelette shells to make a fruit crepe.  Or [...]

Raw Week: Tuesday Eats

Just a quick post today… I am definitely way more full of energy than I have been in a long time.  I admit it could be from a combination of things, but I’d like to think my recent eating habits have something to do with it!  At any rate, I think I’m figuring out my [...]

Raw Week Update: Rawmelettes!

This wasn’t quite as good as Ecopolitan’s version, but pretty darn near close… this is what I ate there Sunday afternoon, and it seemed too easy NOT to make it at home.  All I had was my experience eating it and the menu description for Rawmelettes: two banana-coconut-flaxseed “omelette” shells with macadamia-cashew “cheese”, avocado, carrot [...]

Raw Week!

Do you ever have those times where you can distinctly remember lying on the couch cracking up watching the Kids in the Hall, or sleeping in on your day off, and yet feel like you have had no free time outside of work?  I think I’ve been feeling a little overwhelmed lately with wanting to [...]

Chia Pudding

Remember Chia Pets?  Actually, they’re still going quite strong, aren’t they?  (That Chia Obama is, uh, really something else.) I’ve recently learned that not only can you decorate some terra cotta with wet chia seeds and watch it grow, but you can soak them in water or milk, add a few spices and sweeteners, and [...]

A Small Swell Update

I’ve been experimenting with more raw foods, particularly since getting a copy of RAW: The UNcook Book by Juliano.  He’s kind of a kook!  But a lot of the recipes are really intriguing, and for some reason the bread recipes seem so much more approachable than in other raw books.  That could just be my [...]

Raw Fresh Thyme and Celery Soup

Raw Fresh Thyme and Celery Soup I know, I know… I can’t quit with the raw stuff lately.  But my non-raw fare has really consisted of a lot of cookbook recipes or unimpressive stir fries (well, impressive only because they were palatable despite being made in an empty North Shore cabin kitchen without tamari!). I’m [...]

Raw Applesauce

I’ve always loved applesauce.  My Swedish family would tell me that my mom, who was my first and best inspiration for cooking, was a master of homemade applesauce.  As I got older, she didn’t have time to make it from scratch anymore, but we always had a big jar of it in the fridge at [...]

Vegan Iron Chef Challenge: Pears and Nuts

I didn’t know about this Vegan Iron Chef challenge until very recently, too late to submit anything for the first challenge (apples and ginger).  With the huge amounts of VeganMoFo posts in my Google Reader, it must have gotten lost in there.  And I’m cutting it very very close with this challenge deadline anyway, as [...]

In which I try to have a Raw Wednesday…

This is not the best day of the week for me to do raw.  On Wednesdays I bake cookies and quick breads for 8 hours at work and having that stare me in the face, well… I can’t resist snacking on that little scraping of vegan tollhouse dough from the bottom of the mixing bowl.  [...]

Potlucks and Pomegranates

Our potluck didn’t do well, as there were only two of us.  But whatever; it was a beautiful day in Loring Park and we got to gorge on our delicious offerings!  Going with the fall theme, I made the Paradise Casserole from the Candle Cafe Cookbook (it was simple but yummy) and topped it with [...]